Brev från Jambo Toto

Vi tackar alla er som hjälpte oss i insamlingen till Jambo Toto. Nedan kan ni se responsen vi fått.
Dear Friends of Jambo Toto,
We received you Christmas greetings with pleasure. Christmas in Kenya this time was shaky since it was just after the long battled election and so most families were afraid of celebrations.
Jambo Toto school re opens last week, All the children reported back in good health, learning is ongoing with ease. You see the pictures.
We sincerely thank you for the good work and for your enormous generosity. We can do more together than we can on our own.
Let’s keep on holding each other’s hand, and more so supporting these precious lives at Jambo Toto school. in a special way we thank you all for your support through last year and beyond, we also extend our appreciation to more than 40 Lemshaga parents who donated to the children. May God bless you all.
Keep on with the good work.
Charles Owiti